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Why the name?

Building Blocks.  It's not a very "foodie" name.  Yet, I kept coming back to it.  I associate building blocks with simplicity, cooperation and children.  So, the name seemed to fit the concept.

1)  Get great ingredients and treat them simply.  Eating for health is a simple, daily  commitment.

2) It feels good to be a small part of something big.

3) "A society's destiny rests on how it treats its children." - Robin Grille

My kids are young.  I hope that this venture will provide them an opportunity to see their parents build a business that pleases our community and invests in a better future.

                                                                             - Roshan Yannotti

Taking the Leap- 2017

After 15 years in restaurants and 5 years as parents, the time finally came to birth our own small business.  So, please, help us make Building Blocks a success.  We invite your support, your suggestions, and your feedback.  We hope to be part of the Greater Lansing business community for many years to come. 

                                                                          - Jason and Roshan